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cheap geek toys

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Sony Librie eBook Reader

Sony Librie eBook Reader

Bigger than a PDA, but thinner, Sony make hundreds of thousands of these in Japan. The e-ink screen is breathtaking - the contrast, and crispness of the text is outstanding. The colors are changed by a grid of little balls, so no power is drawn to keep the text on the page. The keyboard is for entering searches and notes, and there is a scroll/select wheel in the center of the row of buttons.

Unfortunately, the only eBooks that Sony ever released for it had such Draconian DRM (books expired in 30 days, etc.) that the product bombed, and was cancelled.

pt showed us how to install an English firmware on it, that besides making the UI navigable to non-Japanese readers, allows you to put your own text and ebooks on the Librie. Shown here is Cory Doctorow's new book, "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town" (I'm currently reading it, and it's awesome).

You can get these for about $300 on eBay, cheaper in Akihabara in Japan. I'd love to have one of these - the screen never fails to draw attention, and while it's bigger than my Dell Axim X50v that I'm using for reading ebooks, it's undeniably sexy.

Thanks to pt for letting us play with your toys!



26 March 2008

I got a personal windmill. When I was camping and biking over the summer last year, I had a solar panel, but it was often not sunny. However, it was continuiously windy.

This cute little windmill will theoretically be able to keep all my gadgets juiced up. I got the optional arm band. This is because it was quite a few dollars cheaper to get the solar panel + bike mount + windmill combo if I also got the arm band. I had no plans to walk around with a windmill strapped to my arm.

Had no plans . . .. Maybe I'll try it out on the way to school tomrrow.

cheap geek toys

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