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Girls Toys Age 9

girls toys age 9

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Young girl and boy posing next to toy dog on wheels 1920

Young girl and boy posing next to toy dog on wheels 1920

Joan aged 4 years and 9 months and John aged 2 and a half. The original album contains members of the Shaw family so this is likely to be John and Joan Shaw. Joan is holding a doll. Photographer: J Wilkins, 2 Simpsons Road, Bromley, Kent. On the back: ‘Feb/March 1920’. John could be Frederick Oscar John Shaw who was baptised on 9 Dec 1917 at Bromley Parish Church (the baptism record was found in the same album). And he is likely to be the son who was born to ‘the wife of Capt F C O Shaw’ on 25 October 1917 at Clovelly, Tower Road, Orpington (advertised in The Times on 29 October 1917, a copy was found in the same album).

mine, all mine!

mine, all mine!

i've been having a LOT of good luck lately. stuff i've been hunting for ages is finally turning up. i've totally been looking for this girl for about a year.

i finally found out who she's by, thanks to gina and megan -- who both have her.

and, even better, she's mine for 9.99 :-)

can't wait till she arrives!

girls toys age 9

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